We are so pleased that you would like to hold your special event at Mont Shenandoah. As you are no doubt aware, we are in the beautiful Alleghany Highlands of Western Virginia and are located on the pristine Cowpasture River; our property encompasses numerous beautiful acres of rich forest land and green space. In order to preserve the natural beauty of this property and for the safety of you and your guests, we ask you to adhere to the policies outlined below as part of your event planning and activities.


All children must be supervised by an adult 18 years of age or older.

  • Parking is allowed in designated areas only. No vehicles will be allowed beyond the parking lots without explicit permission.
  • No fireworks, confetti, rice, or floating lanterns.
  • Use of sparklers must be pre-approved and when seasonal conditions are optimal.
  • Absolutely no smoking.
  • Absolutely no pets allowed.
  • You may not move or remove tables, benches or chairs from the Feed Bag.
  • Furniture inside buildings must remain inside.
  • The start and conclusion of the event will be negotiated and included in the contract. It is important to inform your guests and vendors of these times.
  • Please note that the Bath County noise ordinance requires that all loud music including bands and DJ entertainment conclude at 10:00 p.m.
  • Your paperwork will include a contract, a waiver and release of liability and a detailed list of policies.


If children accompany you, please have adult supervision for them. Access to the property to decorate is not intended to be a day of activities for your guests.

You may bring freestanding decorations into the facility and are responsible for removing them at the conclusion of your event.

All candles, tea lights and open flames must be protected by a hurricane lamp. Battery operated candles are encouraged.

The use of staples, nails, tacks or duct tape is prohibited when affixing decorations to walls. The use of masking/painter’s tape is acceptable. All tape must be removed when taking down decorations. Hanging decorations from light fixtures or electrical conduit is prohibited.


As part of the facility fee, you and your guests will have access to the following equipment and sports activities. Please note you will be assigned a staff person from 8:00 am – 11:00 pm the day of the event.

  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Swimming on the Cowpasture River. (A lifeguard is required.)
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Ample space to linger, relax and socialize including a deck 60 feet above the river


On-site Staff will be assigned to work your event. Staff will be assigned from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. the day of the event and are responsible for the following:

  • Staff will work closely with the primary contact to answer questions and provide general assistance.
  • Ensure that conditions of the contract are adhered to.
  • Ensure that noise is at an acceptable level.
  • Ensure that the event ends promptly as scheduled on the Rental Contract.
  • When necessary, call appropriate security to enforce control.
  • Activate 911 Emergency Services, if necessary.
  • The on-site staff will not be responsible for any of the following:
    • Act as guardian or security for any personal belongings.
    • Assist with set-up, clean-up, or take-down.
    • Supervise minors.


Should you choose to use your own caterer in the Feed Bag, a staff member will be assigned (at your expense) to oversee activities in the Feed Bag kitchen.

Catering garbage must be bagged and removed by the Caterer or placed in the trash cages by the clean-up crew the night of the event.

All guest garbage must be properly disposed of in the trash cans provided for your use.


The party host must hold event insurance either through a single event insurance policy. Camp Mont Shenandoah, Ltd. is to be named as additional insured. Proof of same will be required.


You are required to have an appropriate Virginia ABC license to serve any alcohol.

You are responsible for the conduct and behavior of your drinking guests. Underage drinking (under 21 years of age) is strictly prohibited. Serving alcohol to underage or intoxicated persons is in violation of our policies and will result in immediate shut down of your event, forfeiture of your security deposit, and/or additional fees and penalties.

Anyone visibly intoxicated on the premises will be asked to leave.

Use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Violation of this policy will result in immediate shut down of your event, forfeiture of your security deposit, and/or additional fees and penalties.

We strongly recommend the party host hire group transportation when alcohol is being served at the event. Please see our Vendor list for approved transportation options.


  1. Can I have the wedding ceremony on site?
    Yes! You can absolutely have the ceremony on site, and we have a variety of locations on property that would be lovely. There are several outdoor venues, as well as two covered buildings. There is the Feed Bag, which has tables and benches that would be ideal for the rehearsal dinner or reception, and West Lodge, which could be used for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and/or the reception. You can also rent a tent and use the covered buildings for the ceremony and use the tent for the reception.
  2. What is the maximum capacity for a reception?
    If you intend to use the covered buildings we recommend a maximum of 150 guests in The Feed Bag and 100 in West Lodge. If you use a tent, the grounds can accommodate a much larger group. We have approximately 45 acres from which you can select a suitable outdoor or tent location.
  3. What if it rains on my wedding day?
    This is the mountains and weather can be somewhat unpredictable. We recommend you consider an inclement weather option like a tent or arrange to use one or more of the covered buildings on property (The Feedbag and West Lodge).
  4. Is There an Event Coordinator or Wedding Planner on Staff?
    We do not have an Event Coordinator or Wedding Planner on staff. Your event or wedding will be assigned a Camp staff person, but they will not assist you in the coordination or set-up/ breakdown of your event. We advise that you consult the following resources to find a Coordinator or Event Planner that suits your individual taste and budget. Please refer to our list of vendors for wedding planners.
  5. Do we need to hire a caterer?
    We may be able to provide food service but we are not a full-service caterer. We also have a list of approved caterers from which to choose. If you have a preferred caterer, please contact us to have them approved. A full-service caterer provides comprehensive event food service which may include menu planning with tasting and preview, rental coordination, day-of setup, breakdown and clean up. It may also include event planning and management services, staff planning, walk-through pre-planning and preparation, theme and design and table decor.Every caterer is a little different. We do require the caterer to set up the food service and remove all trash from the reception site as part of their service to you.We have a commercial grade kitchen to assist your caterer with onsite food prep and refrigeration. Regardless of which caterer you select, we will assign a Camp staff person to your event to work in The Feed Bag with the caterer (at your expense).
  6. Can I use my own caterer, DJ, Florist and other vendors?
    Yes, so long as the onsite vendors are pre-approved and fully insured (caterer, entertainment, photographer, transportation). We require proof of this insurance. Plus, we require the event organizer to have an event policy listing Camp Mont Shenandoah as additional insured.We are happy to provide you with the names of vendors. We do not receive any compensation from companies on the vendor list. They are listed because others guests have had a good experience or they come highly recommended by other wedding professionals.
  7. Do we need an ABC License?
    Yes, you will need to obtain an ABC license to serve alcohol at your event. Please be aware that you will be responsible for the conduct and behavior of your drinking guests. Underage drinking (under 21 years of age) is strictly prohibited. Serving alcohol to underage or intoxicated persons is in violation of our policies and will result in immediate shut down of your event, forfeiture of your deposit, and/or additional fees and penalties. Get a Virginia ABC license.
  8. Are there places for guests to stay?
    There are a variety of lodging options available to you and your guests.
    Lodging at Mont Shenandoah

    There are a variety of cabins, B&B’s, and hotel options in the County of Bath available to you and your guests.
    We are approximately a 25 minute drive from Warm Springs, 30 minutes from Hot Springs, and we are located in Millboro which has a variety of lodging options. Please visit: www.DiscoverBath.com to learn more about these options.  We are within a 30 minute drive of Clifton Forge and 45 minutes from Covington. Please visit: www.visitalleghanyhighlands.com to learn about lodging options available in those communities.  We are a 40 minute drive from Lexington. Please visit: www.lexingtonvirginia.com. And a 50 minute drive from Staunton: www.VisitStaunton.com.
  9. Do you have restrooms or do we need to rent porta-johns?
    We do have indoor restrooms available. If you require additional facilities please see our Vendor List for recommendations. The placement of all porta-johns must be pre-approved by CMS.
  10. Do you have a place where the bride and her attendants can get dressed? Groom and Groomsmen?
    Yes, of course. Members of the bridal party may dress in pre-assigned dorm cabins. Other venues on property are available for a fee.

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